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Our vision

Pixwap is much more than an e-commerce website. It is both a state of mind and also a social community. The opening of borders in Europe and the ease of moving from one country to another today allows to import all cultures of the world at home. Furthermore, the explosion of the smartphone market allows us to witness events that are quickly materialized and shared by full of meaning photos.

The accumulation of all these memories can not stay on memory cards or on USB sticks. Pixwap was designed to allow you to customize your home interior based on the highlights of your life that have real meaning. Thanks to our frames and our interchangeable canvases, your decoration suit your mood and desires. With our personal experiences abroad, we are confident that our brand and our products will help you escape.

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As each Pixwap piece is unique and custom-made, everything is checked on an individual basis. We take great care in making each visuals by hand to ensure the best possible result. We are proud of our work and our mission is to offer you a great result for your home decor.

Made in Belgium

Pixwap, it's Belgian

Pixwap, it's 100% Belgian: design, production, all service providers. For us, it is above all a guarantee of quality and responsiveness. But we also chose a local production for the sake of consistency with our values in terms of employment and sustainability.

Qualité garantie

A guarantee of quality

Pixwap offers high-quality frames and canvases that resist over time. Always listening to our customers, we ensure continuous follow-up throughout your experience with our brand. From taking orders to fixing the frame on your wall.

A community just for you

Pixwap is above all a brand owned by its customers. Here's what we offer in our community:

The advantages of Pixwap

  • Photography tips
  • Sharing of photogenic places
  • Advice from professional photographers
  • Not to be missed photo exhibitions
  • Gathering between amateurs
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