Information about the visual

Be careful, a small part of your picture (1) will not be visible (2) on the final result (3). The reason is a lost border, which we can’t avoid due to our production technique. The external border of 1.5 cm will be slid inside the frame and will therefore not be apparent.

To guarantee an excellent quality of rendering, we only accept pictures with resolutions above:

DIM. (cm)FILTER (Minimum Resolution)
Height (pixels)Width (pixels)

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1 Pixwap frame

Choose your Pixwap frame with a personalised canvas

1 canvas only

You already have a frame and want another canvas

1 frame only

You already have canvases and want another frame.

frame alu square 40x40cm frame alu square 50x50cm frame alu square 100x100cm frame black square 40x40cm frame black square 50x50cm frame black square 100x100cm frame alu landscape 60x40cm frame alu landscape 75x50cm frame alu landscape 150x100cm frame black landscape 60x40cm frame black landscape 75x50cm frame black landscape 150x100cm frame alu portrait 40x60cm frame alu portrait 50x75cm frame alu portrait 100x150cm frame black portrait 40x60cm frame black portrait 50x75cm frame black portrait 100x150cm
canvas square 40x40cm canvas square 50x50cm canvas square 100x100cm canvas portrait 40x60cm canvas portrait 50x75cm canvas portrait 100x150cm canvas landscape 60x40cm canvas landscape 75x50cm canvas landscape 150x100cm
  • Living Room #01
  • Living Room #02
  • Living Room #03
  • Living Room #04
  • Living Room #05
  • Living Room #06
  • Living Room #07

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