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  • Vincent V.

    A member since 16.03.2015

    Vincent V.

    I was seduced by the possibility of changing the canvas without having to re-order a whole new frame! Easy online ordering and fast delivery.

  • Eric D.

    A member since 02.02.2016

    Eric D.

    As I travel a lot, I like to decorate my home based on my travels. With Pixwap, all I have to do is order a new canvas and voila! Easy to assemble, good quality printing and a solid structure… complaints.

  • Nicolas D.

    A member since 28.12.2015

    Nicolas D.

    Amazing! The picture needn't necessarily be of excellent quality to give a fantastic result. I was also surprised by its ease of assembly. No need to be a DIY expert to mount the frame!

  • Philippe V.

    A member since 02.03.2015

    Philippe V.

    Great gift idea! I just sent a Pixwap to a friend to celebrate the birth of his son.

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